Engraving & Personalisation

Here at MWJ Trophies, we have a great team of experts dedicated to engraving and personalising your trophies, awards and medals.

The two main engraving processes we use are Mechanical Diamond Drag Engraving and Sandblasting.

Diamond Drag Engraving is mainly used for trophy plates, cups and other metal items and involves a computerised engraving machine pushing a diamond tipped cutter over the item to be engraved. All of our engravings are performed in-house and we have a number of state of the art engraving machines large and small to allow us to expertly engrave your product.

Sandblasting or abrasive etching is mainly used for our glass and crystal awards. This process is a little more complicated than diamond drag engraving and involves the creation of a template that is placed on the item to be engraved. The product is then placed inside one of our glass engraving cabinets and the template is blasted away using abrasive under high pressure. The area where the template remains intact is un-engraved and the area where the template is removed gets engraved.

If you select engraving on any of our glass or crystal awards our artwork team will contact you with a proof for you to approve prior to us commencing work. Any delay in the approval of this proof may delay the shipment of your product.

On all other items, our engraving team will engrave your trophy plates and other products exactly how it is entered into the engraving box on the website. Please ensure that all your spelling is correct (including the use of upper and lower case letters and any punctuation) as we cannot rectify customer errors after the engraving has been completed.